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Thursday, February 10, 2011

20 Weeks Pregnant

I'm 20 weeks today! Half way there! I can't believe it! It has seriously flown by! Since I just updated last week not a whole lot has changed! I did tell Phillip that our little guy was moving around like crazy yesterday morning while I was working! This is really the first time I have been able to really feel him moving during the day! He may have been able to sense all the craziness that was happening at the hospital! As soon as the snow started falling the atmosphere completely changed. Everyone goes into panic mode! Patient families and co-workers all worried about how we were going to make it home! Thankfully my wonderful Husband dropped me off and picked me up! We made it home safely! Having a vehicle with 4WD is a life saver! I do have one Surprise Announcement! Phillip and I have decided on a name! This has been Phillip's #1 pick the whole time. I love the name but it took me so time to say OK let's do it! I'm not very good at making decisions. We have decided to name our son:

                   Dawson Gregory Davis

Dawson- son of David.

Gregory- is a family name. Gregory is my brother Landon's middle name. Phillip and I love the idea of family names. I can't even begin to explain the excitment of my dad and brother that we are having a little boy. Landon keeps saying that we need some more boys in our family. He currently has three sisters and three nieces.

Davis- son of David.

Hope everyone is staying warm in all this snow!!! I go back to the doctor on February 24th! I'll post again then!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

19 Weeks Today!

I'm 19 weeks Pregnant today! We had our Ultrasound this morning! Our little guy is still looking great! He's growing wonderfully! He is 12 oz  and 5 1/2 inch long crown to rump. I have a feeling we are gonna have a big baby boy! But that's perfectly fine with me as long as he's healthy!

Movement: I have started feeling him move! Its absolutely amazing and so reassuring! I don't feel him very much during the day but when I get in bed at night I feel him moving around. He was very active during our ultrasound this morning! I can't wait until Phillip gets to feel him move!

Feeling: I'm still feeling great! My energy level is still up. I'm getting really excited about planning his nursery. I can't wait to start shopping for baby furniture, bedding and cute decorations. I've had a little bit of lower back pain but nothing too bad. I purchased a body pillow from Baby R Us and it has seemed to really help with the pain.

Food: I haven't really had any craving yet. I enjoy the same foods I always have! I'm eating good and our little guy is growing great!

Gifts: I got to see Jessica last weekend and she brought Baby Davis the sweetest little outfits! It was so good to get to see her. The little outfits she got him are from Baby Gap. I can't wait for him to wear all of them!

Also, at our Gender Reveal Party My Aunt Teresa gave us some really cute Razorback shoes and my Cousin Megan gave us some cute Blue Boots!

I got to spend some good quality time with my parents and Nanaw last weekend. I enjoy getting to spend time with all of them. Phillip went Duck hunting with his Dad. While I was in Conway my mom and I did a little shopping. She had a knee replacement about three weeks ago and hasn't really been able to get out much but we went shopping a little last weekend. This is something that I've really missed because its something my mom and I have enjoyed doing together for a long time. I know she's dying to get out and buy things for our little one. She bought me a baby book on Saturday from Trendy Kidz in Conway. I love it! It's really cute and has a lot of good pages in it. I've already started filling it out!
She also got us these cute little socks!

I made a little purchase this week. I found the cutest stuffed animal in the gift shop at Arkansas Children's Hospital. I just couldn't resist! I had to buy it! It will be so cute in our little boy's nursery!